Focusing spotlight on Adhesives and Sealants

India International Adhesives and Sealants Expo
Adhesives and sealants touch virtually every part of our lives. Some modern adhesives are extremely strong, and are becoming increasingly important in modern manufacturing processes. Adhesives and Sealants boost better product performance, durability, reliability, and contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing final product.

Through conversations with many people in the industry in 2004 Virgo realized that the Adhesives and Sealants market was largely untapped and under the radar, in spite of being a major market segment in the Indian economy. Thus Adhesives and Sealants became Virgo's first vertical and the International Adhesives and Sealants Expo, 2004 became our first focused exhibition.

Even today the adhesives and sealants business is growing rapidly in India as the manufacturing and construction segments are expanding. Adhesives and sealants have large applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, handicraft, non-woven, oil and gas, furniture, chemical, food, construction, and many others. More recently, this previously fragmented industry has seen consolidation among companies in India and the emergence of international participation resulting in technology transfer and a boost to the Indian market on a global scale.

Our presence in this key industry vertical enables people and companies to connect with each other and work on growing their business and that of the industry as a whole.

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