Leading the Development of the General Aviation Industry

International General Aviation Expo

The General Aviation sector in India is still in its nascent stage and is one of the most promising sectors in India today. The current economic scenario of India is conducive for introducing this sector in a big way and encouraging greater air connectivity within the country by connecting Tier II, Tier III and other smaller cities to Tier I cities. It is the right time to create an exclusive platform for this vertical to enable technical collaborations, joint venture and commercial associations between foreign players in the field and the Indian counterparts.

The Business and General Aviation Air Show

This will be the first of its kind event for the General Aviation industry in India and will open up a world of opportunities for Indian and international players. This event will host a static display of 2-20 seater aircrafts used especially for personal and business flying, pilot training, sports, medical services, hobby flying, surveillance, etc; an air show featuring acrobatics by professional flyers; an exhibition space for Indian and international companies to showcase their products and services; and seminars that will discuss current market trends and challenges concerning members of this industry.

The Expo will bring together aircrafts and components manufacturers, MRO facility providers, airports and other allied industry players from across the globe to India and promote the convenience and benefits of owning these aircraft for various purposes.

Visit www.bngairshow.com Due to unavoidable circumstances, the B&G Air Show has been postponed. The new dates will be announced shortly.