Elevator World India - Elevator World India is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the elevator and escalator and component industry, is disbursed free of charge to over 8000 registered subscribers and has a readership of over 10000.

Elevator Books - Elevator Books makes available a wide range of educational material to the vertical transportation industry. For a list of titles, their cost and purchasing details please visit Elevatorbooks.com

We currently hold copies of the following books at our Bangalore office. If you would like to find out more information about Elevator World India Magazine and the availability of these books and their cost, Please contact Mr. Harish – Publications Coordinator – harish@virgo-com +91 8147120308

101 of World’s Tallest Building
ADA & Building Transportation
An English Chinese & Chinese English Elevator Dictionary
Basic Concepts & Passive Components
Education Focus
Electri Machinery Fundamental
Electric and Electrohydraulic Elevator Escalator 3rd Edition
Electric Motor Repair IIIrd Edition
Electrical Engineering Pocket
Electrical Machinery Fundamentals
Electricity 02 VIIIth Edition
Electricity 04 IXth Edition
Elevator & Escalator Maint for Build Manager IInd Edition
Elevator & Escalator Micropedia Vth Edition
Elevator & Escalator Rescue
Elevator 101 IInd Edison
Elevator Electric Drives
Elevator Field Maintenance
Elevator Industry Hand Book
Elevator Industry Field Employees Safety Handbook
Elevator Maintenance Manual IInd Edision
Elevator Man Stories
Elevator Mechanical Design IIIrd Edison
Elevator Traffic Hand Book
Elevator and Escalator Accident Reconstruction and Litigation 2nd Edition
Elevators ( A Practical Treatise on the Development and Design of Hand, Belt, Steam Hydraulic and Electric Elevator )
Emergency Evacuation Elevator Systems Guideline
Federation Europeenne De La Motion
Field Employees Elevator Tech Manual
Fire Fighting Operations
Inspection Hand Book IVth Edison
Installation Manual Basic Field Practical for Installation of Elevators and Escalators
Integrated Cerciuts & Computer Concepts Volume III
Job Assessment Forms
Law & Liability IInd Edison
Lift Modernization Design Guide ( Big )
Lift Modernization Design Guide ( Small )
Lift Technology
Maintenance on New Equipment Design
Moving People
New Meterial & New Technologies
Pedestrian Installation Manual
Riding High
Safety Meeting IVth Edition
Saftey Meeting Vth Edition
Sam & Samantha
Speaking of Issues
System Engineering of Elevator
The Case of the ElevatorDuck
The Control Techniques Drive and Controls Handbook
The Elevator Family
The Elevator World Vertical Transmission
The Vertical Transportation Hand Book IIIrd Edition
The Vertical Transportation Hand Book IVth Edition
Up Down Across Marvell
Vertical Transportation Tech Review
Vertical Transportation Tech Review Volume II

Market Research - Virgo commissioned a market research study in collaboration with E-Research & Publications India Pvt Ltd on the Future of Elevator and Escalator Market in India to 2016. The study gives a complete analysis and forecast of Indian elevator and escalator market and includes projection of future of the industry by studying the demand and supply in future years.

For an extract of this report please download it here : Virgo Elevators & Escalators Market Research Report Extracts

If you would like to purchase this study or have questions,

Please contact : Mr. Shankar - shanker@mcg.in